Concert of Praise

We kicked off the new season 2023–24 with a Concert of Praise. We are incredibly thankful to God that he has blessed us with a group of Christian songwriters with whom we can work together to craft songs written for Jesus, the church, and evangelism. Furthermore, we shared 23 songs during a 2-hour time of worship, written by 7 various songwriters. The presence and love of God were so tangible that our hearts swelled with love, gratitude, and the fear of the Lord.


Our desire was not to give a concert as the world gives, but rather a concert of praise where not we as the artists are at the center, but rather the Presence of God. We do not want to strive to make a profit off of our songs but rather run after God's Glory. God's presence, love, and glory were tangible during the concert. He filled our hearts with love, gratitude, and the fear of the Lord. On January 27, 2024, we hope to organize another concert in the Kingdom Art Centre. We welcome you to join us from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. We desire to share with you what God is doing in our Creative Family and to encourage the body of Christ. Follow our website and socials to stay updated on upcoming concerts and events in the upcoming months.

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